Sunday, October 25, 2009

Martha Green's Eating Room provides delicious delectables

Martha Green’s Eating Room has been in Redlands since the 1990’s. Green moved to California from South Carolina in search of an opportunity and she found it. The local bakery at that time had just closed, and Mrs. Green saw her chance at success. She started out with a small, personal bakery and later expanded to a bakery and restaurant. Originally Martha Green’s Dough-lectibles bakery, the current Martha Green’s Eating Room and Bakery is a great breakfast and lunch joint to try out.

“We have a variety of cookies…we have muffins, coffeecakes, tons of breads, pastries. We donate all of our day-olds to a church—The Harvest, in Redlands. We can pretty much do anything, if you bring us an idea, we can create, create, create,” said Kayte Carr, an employee of the Eating Room for eight years. “We have some new cookies we are doing… the Mississippi mud cookie is our newest cookie and it’s really good.”

Not only is creativity encouraged, but it is also rewarded and acknowledged. Green is open to suggestions, and more often than not, she adds employee creations to the menu.

“If you bring an idea, Martha will let you run with it. If it’s good, she’ll just let you put it on the menu or it will be a special or she’ll put it in the bakery as our newest feature. I think that’s the greatest thing that you can actually come here with ideas and create [them], and she’s cool with that,” Carr said in regards to her boss.

Martha Green also makes a point of giving back to her community in as many ways as she possibly can. She has helped raise funds for various local organizations.

“She’s very active in our community; she’s raised millions and millions of dollars for tons of charities. She’s just so compassionate and she wants to help and raise as much money for everyone that she can. She makes time for everybody,” Carr’s admiration for Green showed through her words.

The atmosphere of Martha Green’s Eating Room is welcoming and whimsical.

“It’s very pleasant; it’s very upbeat—friendly, family-oriented,” said Trishalynn Sanchez, who has been a waitress at the restaurant for about two years.

Employees are part of a close knit group of friends and family that are willing to make each other comfortable and happy.

“I like the job—the people are so nice here, and it’s close to home,” Mark Corrin, a bus boy, said of his job.


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